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What Biograft Reveals


  • Bosley overhypes its treatments
  • Hair restoration is less effective than advertised
  • Patients may have to resort to other treatments
  • They may be subject to recurring expenses

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Despite its name BioGraft uses a fake "hair system"

BioGraft: "The Newest Technology in Hair Loss Solution"

What Bosley considers a "breakthrough innovation" 
and new technology may surprise you.
It uses elaborate hairpieces from Hair Club to cover the top and back of the head in order to compensate for the lack of coverage of hair transplant surgery.
These "systems" are bonded to patients' scalps with glue and require periodic maintenance that can cost several thousand dollars per year.

Bosley and Hair Club are owned by the same company

Bosley Myths & Misconceptions

6   Bosley is experienced

Transplanted hair is permanent

The scarring is virtually undetectable

The Biograft method

10   Bosley are the hair experts

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The doctors and technicians who carry out the procedures can lack experience and have a fair amount of turnover.

The future growth of grafts is unknowable. It is not uncommon for them to miniaturize and eventually die. 

The FUT procedure can cause long visable scars. FUE can cause hundreds or thousands of hairless white dots.

The name itself is confusing. Bio means life but Biograft involves a wig or fake hair system.

You are unlikely to come across anyone with formal medical training for hair. Bosley will often refer patients to​ dermatologists for better qualified diagnoses.

Dr. Allan Parungao - Asst. Medical Director at Bosley Medical Group

Bosley's (former) ​Assistant National Medical Director says there is no such thing as "scarless surgery" and explains why patients must keep using non-surgical treatments and drugs.

Note: Dr. Parungao is no longer with Bosley Medical Group and now works in robotic hair transplantation.